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Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the global economy and has therefore demanded resilience, innovation and new strategies from businesses with the aim of getting closer to consumers globally. Attuned to this scenario, Tramontina has invested in adapting to new consumer needs both home and abroad.

Trade fair in South Africa

Even though the majority of global trade fairs were postponed or canceled in 2020, before the pandemic hit, Tramontina had the chance of being present at Hostex, an important expo fair in South Africa – and we were able to get closer to new clients interested in dining experiences and in the hospitality sector. 

Our stall featured famous South African chef Andrew Atkinson, who gave cooking lessons during the event. A delicious experience with our products for the Hostex participants.


Online facilities


In the United Kingdom, sectors in connection with the home recorded a higher level of performance, and for Tramontina UK, the sales volume increased considerably compared to 2019. With the pandemic, e-commerce has become consolidated as an important sales channel, and the company launched a plan of commercial actions, including opening virtual stores on Amazon and Wayfair, and the launch of the Tramontina UK website.


In the United States, consumers can also find Tramontina products on our e-commerce tramontina.com. Accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet devices, the website offers a wide variety of products.


And to increase our brand awareness in the North American market, Tramontina USA launched official Facebook and Instagram pages in 2020. The products are introduced with contents that enhance consumers' experience.


Sales explosion in Singapore


The need to cook at home has generated the need for people to purchase high quality equipment. The strategy of offering Tramontina products at competitive prices resulted in one of the most successful campaigns in our brand's history in Singapore.


During lockdown in this country, Tramontina offered to consumers our largest campaign in supermarkets, with 75 participating stores and over 18,000 items sold.


Felices Nuevos Hogares [Happy New Homes]


Another campaign with positive results during the pandemic took place in Ecuador. Following the concept "Felices Nuevos Hogares" [Happy New Homes], the 2020 edition of the campaign ran on Tramontina's social media in the country and was aimed at inspiring consumers with the idea that “happiness isn't sought, but built."

Tramontina's campaign in Ecuador focused on the home

Churrasco in Germany


A personalized Tramontina Churrasco display in Germany was hugely successful in the Aldi supermarket chain in Germany. With special deals, products of this line, including flatware, skewers and grill accessories were present in 1,900 points of sale across the country, consolidating Tramontina as one of the main suppliers of the grill and barbecue sector in Germany.


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