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During the pandemic, searching for online shopping became a trend, and Tramontina's Trade Marketing directed its focus towards adapting to shoppers' new reality, allowing for an omnichannel shopping journey. 

Indispensable for this process, our Digital Trade Marketing has arrived, highlighting new points of sale and integrating Tramontina's campaigns on both physical and digital POS. Now it's much easier to find the right product any time.


360° convenience


Not only do our Trade actions benefit consumers, but also our staff in a 360° strategy. In July, the Trade Marketing launched the Starlearning platform to train sales representatives and keep them updated on new products, campaigns and Trade topics. Easy to use and intuitive, this platform allows sales representatives to watch videos on corporate smartphones and save this content so it's always easy to access.

The Starlearning platform helps to train and update sales representatives

Another new release is the materials customizing tool for clients, which provides customers with greater agility and autonomy when creating their digital pieces. The art layout will not alter in any way Tramontina´s brand identity at physical and digital points of sale, making it easier for consumers to identify their Tramontina products on sales channels.

Tool provides clients with autonomy to customize points of sale

POS solutions for POS


To make the sales team's daily activities easier and deliver better solutions for clients, Tramontina has launched the Execution Guide for the Household Appliances category to take strategies directly to sales representatives. The result encourages and facilitates shopper access to supermarket and superstore shelves when looking for products they need.

Shoppers have easier access to products on shelves

This innovation goes beyond digital solutions: Tramontina also invested in the creation of schematics and new POS, seeking to meet our consumers' various needs and interests. The alternatives make the brand stand out even more and allow for new and improved shopping experiences.

Highlighted POS actions are Mother's Day, Father's Day and the Frying Pan Festival.

Tramontina invests in new shopping experiences at POS

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