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Investing in training for our staff is a priority for Tramontina, a practice that produces creative solutions and improves the corporate environment. Knowledge enriches people's skills and as a result, helps the company to obtain the best results.


In addition to benefits such as talent retention and career progression, continuous professional development also improves the quality of the work. The Ivo Tramontina Educational Center in Carlos Barbosa (RS) focuses on this work by providing training, encouraging cultural and wellbeing activities, and strengthening the ties between the company and its staff, their families and the community. A pathway of transformation for everyone.

Activities realized in 2019

    •  Training courses: 3,402 participants on courses, MBAs, upskilling and workshops;

    •  Wellbeing activities: 2,676 participants in activities like yoga, Pilates, zumba and functional training;

    •  Auditorium events: 4,519 participants in talks, conferences, graduation ceremonies, theater and cultural shows.

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