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Sustainable, economic, healthy, conscientious: the benefits of cycling as a means of transport and leisure activity are many. The trend for choosing this non-pollutant vehicle to travel to work and other places has become increasingly popular in big cities. But both experienced and new cyclists should take care to ensure their safety and comfort while traveling on their bike.

With this in mind, Tramontina has added to its portfolio a variety of products to make the cycling experience even more practical and complete.


      •  Portable air pumps: perfect for pumping up bike tires, light and easy to carry. Tramontina offers two compact models with a holder that can be attached to the bike, one with a 160 Psi pressure gauge and a 90 Psi telescopic version.

      •  Tool kit: comprising 17 pieces to help in any emergency. The kit includes ring spanners, spoke wrenches, hex keys, nut drivers, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, all assembled in an army knife-style holder, easy to use and to store, and, of course, much less chance of losing them!

      •  LED lights: these press-on portable lights have a 360° twist device and are protected against water splashes.

      •  Cycling gloves: available in 3 sizes, with cushioning for hands and good elasticity. The hook and loop fastening ensures precision and comfort while cycling.

      •  Padlocks: flexible and easy to carry, they make your cycling routine safer and more practical.

      •  Saddlebags: lightweight and strong, with reflective stripes to ensure cyclists’ safety.

      •  Bottle and holder: can be used for cycling, walking, running and other sports. The bike holder makes it easy to attach and remove the bottle.


      •  Wall racks: nice and compact, these racks don't take up much space on the wall and the rubber-coated supports prevent scratching on the bike frame.


If you haven't yet invested in cycling as a means of transport, here's something to encourage you: the World Health Organization recommends cycling as an ideal means of transport in the context of social distancing. There are also many health benefits, such as stronger muscles and stress reduction. 


In this pandemic, the New York City Department of Transportation has recorded an increase by 50% in cycling compared to last year. In the United Kingdom, one of the largest retailers has recorded an increase of 192% in bike sales since the pandemic started. It's worth investing in a bike for your next trip to work or for fun.


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