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From the right saucepan for preparing a specific dish to the tools that help you do better at work: the 2020 campaigns showed that Tramontina has a solution for every need. And we counted on a diverse team of influencers that made a great job of it on social media.

Only the best for your kitchen


The annoyance of using the wrong knife in the kitchen is over: with the participation of Chef Henrique Fogaça, Tramontina's campaign from August to December explained the purpose of each knife in the kitchen to our social media followers, including the difference it can make in the kitchen by choosing the right utensil for each dish. 

Only the best for your kitchen  The annoyance of using the wrong knife in the kitchen is over: with the participation of Chef Henrique Fogaça, Tramont

The Faca Certa [The Right Knife] campaign also featured three videos showing how the right choice makes a difference:  


Enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee also requires the right utensils, and a Tramontina campaign introduced the many (and charming) options in our portfolio. Active between July and August, this campaign highlighted stainless steel items to always keep your tea and coffee at the right temperature. In a PR action, our thermal carafe was sent to journalists and opinion leaders. 

Campaign introduced Tramontina's thermal carafes

New in the kitchen

Among Tramontina's 2020 new releases, the My Lovely Kitchen cookware line gained a new collection and a social media campaign. Between May and July, the campaign featured posts and content on Instagram and Facebook on our own and our partners' social networks – reaching over 18 million views. This campaign also benefitted from the participation of influencers Josy Ramos, Kim Rosacuca, Bruna Tramontina, Camila Rech, Viih Tube and Emilly Araújo, encompassing three  clusters to meet the awareness and conversion goals: Geek, Uncomplicated Kitchen and Cool. The mechanics of the action included stories and posts in accordance with each influencer's profile. Aiming at conversion, a 15% off coupon was released to be used on our e-commerce on My Lovely Kitchen purchases.


Getting close to architects


When it comes to decorating a home or a professional space, architects and designers become influencers. In 2020, Tramontina teamed up with professionals Marília Zimmermann, Paola Cury, Patricia Pomerantzeff and her channel Canal Doma Arquitetura, Camila Fleck, Eduardo Muzzi and Otávio Mendes to share tips and give inspiration for different settings.

Projects in order of appearance by Eduardo Muzzi, Paola Cury, Marília Zimmerman, Camila Fleck, Doma Arquitetura, and Otávio Mendes.


We also had livestream partnerships: in September, architects Paola Cury and Marília Zimmermann made Instagram lives from their respective profiles on the theme "The heart of the home deserves attention: practical tips for your kitchen".

Kitchen tips were the theme of the Instagram Live by architects Marília and Paola

Annuals and events


To bring the brand even closer to architects, specifiers and designers, Tramontina participated in the Esquina da Arquitetura meeting, a networking space that also served to launch the Projeto Magazine Annual. The event was held on March 5th, 2020 and attracted over 70 architecture firms. Our brand was also one of the advertisers on the Projeto, ArquiteturaDesign da Serra Gaúcha and ARQ Arquitetura e Decoração Annuals. 

Esquina da Arquitetura

As a partner of many projects every year, our brand recognizes the work of those who create more enjoyable, functional and beautiful spaces for our consumers.


Partnerships in different sectors


For offering tips and utilities that meet a wide range of our consumers' needs, Tramontina also established partnerships with influencers in a variety of sectors.

In the automotive sector, educators Daniel Mecfire and Diego Velocímetros highlighted on their channels some of the Tramontina PRO new releases to make workshops more practical and organized.


Landscaping professional Gabriel Kehdi made a series of videos for the Tramontina networks about gardening, perfect for those who want tips to keep a beautiful, abundant vegetable garden at home.


Those who want tips to organize their homes could check out the video made by expert Nina Braz, who featured in October, showing our followers how to organize a beautiful utility room at home with care and attention.


Between August and October, a partnership with journalist and influencer Trisha Guimarães highlighted on her profile @acasacomoelae, a mix of Tramontina products from the Household Appliances line. She visited several stores in the North Region of Brazil and shared her favorite finds.


To explore the world of tea, we teamed up with sommelier Raquel Magalhães, who shared tips about aromas, flavors, moments and experiences with Tramontina products.


And for those with an interest in content about electrical hardware, Tramontina enjoyed the benefit of five partner channels showing the right products for a variety of residential and industrial fittings. They were: Engehall, Sala da Elétrica, Mundo da ElétricaLeônidas Borges and JR Construções. And so, Tramontina products came even closer to its consumers, and always through content made by experts in each field. The Mundo da Elétrica and Engehall channels also hosted livestreams about the correct use of our products. 



Mundo Eletrica



My Lovely Kitchen

Thermal carafes


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