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In 2020, the brands that stood out in the market were those tuned in to the new social context and which managed to adapt to their consumers' needs. The institutional campaigns of the year highlighted the strength of Tramontina and our attention to the new reality. And it was wonderful.

New experiences at home

The home was given a voice and life gained new meaning. The Escute sua Casa [Listen to Your Home] campaign showed new learning and experiences acquired during the pandemic. Running between May and July on social media and our YouTube channel, this campaign portrayed different families going about their daily lives under the watchful eye of their own homes, thus approximating Tramontina to our consumers in this moment of transformed routines.

New experiences at home

To increase visibility for the concept of social media campaigns, a new project was born: a series of Instagram lives with TV and radio presenters from the RBS Group in Rio Grande do Sul talking about what they learned by listening to their homes. There were six lives in total, featuring presenters Cris Silva, Sara Bodowsky (live 1 and live 2), Luciano Potter, Rodrigo Adams and Mari Araújo.


From August to November, the O Prazer de Fazer Bonito [The Pleasure of Doing Well] campaign went all out to generate even more utilities for consumers at home, showcasing the diversity of our products to those who want every nook to look beautiful. On our social media, our followers could access content including tips on how to look after each room in their home with the help of Tramontina products.

New experiences at home

Special dates


Tramontina's promotional calendar made consumers' lives easier on several important dates in the year, with content and offers tailored for the various different occasions, not only on the brand's social media channels, but also on other websites and magazines.


The highlights? Impossible not to mention the Mother's Day campaign, which showed that gifts can encourage mums to enjoy their daily living even more. After all, #MãeÉIncrível [#MomIsAmazing] and deserves a no less amazing gift. The campaign featured participating consumer moms who shared their amazing moments with us.

Special dates

Another highlight was Festa Junina [June Saints celebrations], running between June 19 and 26 on our own channels and available throughout the entire month of June for clients to access. Though celebrated in a different way this year, the June Saints celebrations season was still great fun, with decorations and delicious recipes. To help and inspire people to celebrate at home, we prepared some recipes and decorations with Tramontina items.

Special dates

Father's Day was another highlight of the year, giving dads and their children a little push to enjoy really great moments together. Tramontina's products were offered as various suggestions for gifts for this special occasion in categories such as barbecue, cookware and tools.


Running between July 9 and August 9 on social media and POS, this campaign highlighted the connection between fathers and their children, and featured influencers from Sociedade do Churrasco [Barbecue Society]: Netão, Brunão BBQ, BBQ Bueno, Júlia Carvalho, Paula Labaki, Tati Bassi.  After all, is there a better way of celebrating Father's Day with your family than by having a great barbecue?

Highlights on websites and magazines


Tramontina's products were also a highlight with ads on magazines and websites throughout 2020, not only reinforcing the diverse portfolio that caters for a wide variety of needs, but also the importance of our brand in the market. The PRO line featured ads on the NEI, Oficina Brasil and O Mecânico websites. 


 The new Split range hoods, a new release for kitchens, also featured on Casa e Jardim and Casa Vogue magazines with ads and branded content highlighting the functionality of our products.


On the Potência magazine, a publication focused on the energy sector, the highlights were Tramontina switches, lights and flood lights, which featured in an ad that ran in July, September and October.

Main 2020 awards


New accolades attest to the strength of the Tramontina brand and the intention of continuing doing well for our stakeholders. For each recognition, our sincere thanks. 


Top of Mind RS — Amanhã Magazine


A pioneer in Brazil, this survey of best remembered brands carried out by the Amanhã Group generates recognition and value, strengthening ties with society. Tramontina won:

1st place as a Great Brand in Rio Grande do Sul

1st place in the categories:



Thermal carafe 

Love Brands in the Flatware category.

The awards ceremony was held on October 8 on Amanhã Group's YouTube channel.

Ads on local newspapers about the Top of Mind award

Marcas de Quem Decide [Decision-Makers' Brands]


A partnership with the Jornal do Comércio newspaper in Rio Grande do Sul, the Marcas de Quem Decide survey simultaneously evaluates the levels of awareness and preference of southern Brazilian brands in over 100 economic sectors. Tramontina stood out in six categories: Great Southern Brand of the Year, 1st place; Most Innovative Southern Brand of the Year, 1st place; Environmental Southern Brand, top 5; Hand Tools, 1st place; Power Tools, top 5; Thermal Utensils, with the Exata line, also top 5.

Acknowledgment ad for the Marcas de Quem Decide award

Top of Mind Revenda Construção magazine


Quinta Essência Market Intelligence from the Revenda Group carried out this Top of Mind survey with retailers in the South, Southeast, Northeast and Midwest regions of Brazil, to establish brand awareness levels in the Construction Materials sector. Tramontina was the top brand in the following categories:


      •  1st place in the categories: Wheelbarrow, Hand Tool for Construction, Garden Hose, Stainless Steel Sink and Outlet Adapter Pin;

      •  2nd place in the category: Circuit Breaker;

      •  4th place in the categories: Drill Bit, Hand Tool for Gardening and Agriculture, Switchboard, Outlet, Plug and Switch and Tape Measure;

      •   5th place in the category: Bench-Mounted Power Tool;

      •   6th place in the categories: Laser Measurement Instrument and Power Faucet;

      •   8th place in the categories: Power Tool and Electric Tape.

Top of Mind Revenda Construção magazine

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