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Shopstreaming – livestreams with real-time product sales – is one of the greatest marketing trends in 2020, and Tramontina is investing in this type of virtual event to offer our consumers a new way of experiencing our products.

Launching in style


Tramontina's first livestream in this format took place in September to mark the launch of the América Line, a new high performance release in the professional kitchens sector. 


The new release was introduced in two exclusive livestreams on September 22, on Tramontina's official YouTube channel, one for architects and designers and the other for chefs and the Hospitality sector. The presentation was hosted by Chef Mariana Fonseca, from Myk restaurant in São Paulo/SP, Chef César Brandelli and Alberto Buffano da Tramontina. The virtual launch was promoted on our social media together with cooking content platform Prazeres da Mesa.


A solution with an American concept and our own technology, the América Line is a competitive option for chefs and businesses that need to ensure continuity for their operations, investing in optimizing processes and the quality of their dishes. The distinguishing features of the equipment in this line include strength, power, ease of handling and simple to use devices, low maintenance and better cost benefit.

Live recipes


In addition to real-time deals, consumers could also find in the livestreams tips on how to use Tramontina products and step-by-step recipes. In September, we also held our first Live Commerce, hosted by Chef Elzio Callefi, offering 20% off kitchen products and tips for those who live by themselves and want to make easy, delicious dishes.


To promote this livestream, Tramontina enlisted a team of influencers: Pedroca Monteiro, Cris Barth, Duda Buchmann, Mathira Menezes, Bruna Tramontina, and channels Morando Sozinho, Virei Adulto and Meu Apartamentinho. This action reached over 236,000 views in total.

The action promoting the livestream reached over 236,000 views in total.
Highlights of the livestream with Chef Elzio Callefi

Tips for electrical fittings


This trend can go way beyond cooking, and Tramontina also supported livestreams with two YouTube channels focused on electrical hardware: Engenhall Elétrica and Mundo da Elétrica.

In June, the channel Engenhall Elétrica hosted a livestream about adapting residential spaces into home offices. This content aimed at helping professional electricians to see new possibilities of offering exclusive services at a time when many people are working and/or studying from home.


In October, the channel Mundo da Elétrica held a livestream on the theme "The brains of electrical fittings", supported by Tramontina, introducing the various models of switchboards we offer.


History and tradition


Tramontina's history and tradition in the market were also the themes of a special livestream. With the participation of our president Clovis Tramontina and Julio Takano, CEO of KT Retailing, the architectural firm responsible for our T stores, the event presented the history of Tramontina from its foundation until the e-commerce phenomenon during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as future business perspectives. 

Livestream with Julio Takano and Clovis Tramontina



América Line


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