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Who can resist the combination of beach + barbecue? In January (Brazilian summertime), Tramontina used this favorite combo of southerners to support Paleta Atlântida 2020 – a competition that gathered over 600 trios of barbecue cooks and over 5,000 people on the beach in Atlantida (RS).

This 120-square meter mobile showroom was located on the beach and the audience could learn about and purchase products from our Churrasco line. Over 120 items were sold, including knives, flatware, skewers, cooking grates, utensils and accessories, cutting boards and barbecue grills. We also offered an on the spot knife engraving service. 


At the end of the competition, the winners received Tramontina products as prizes. Those who really respect a good barbecue deserve only the best, on the beach or anywhere.

Churrasco Line


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