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Behind every product that arrives for Tramontina's consumers, there are various types of technology for innovating manufacturing processes, increasing productivity and growth while still ensuring maximum quality for our customers. Learn more about the new features in our factories in 2020.

Autonomy and sustainability


In Farroupilha (RS), the highlight of the year was the installation of the Triply line, a pioneer in the country in manufacturing raw materials for cookware. The process involves uncoiling austenitic and ferritic steel and aluminum, brushing the surfaces for a rough finish that gives the material adherence, heating, rolling the three materials simultaneously to form the tri-ply material, cooling it down to room temperature, straightening, cutting discs and annealing. This innovative technology ensures autonomy in the manufacturing process – and the new Grano TecnoHeat line of cookware is a product of this operation. 

Our concern with producing in an ever increasing sustainable way is a top priority for Tramontina as we expand. In Carlos Barbosa (RS), Tramontina Multi now counts on a new vacuum supply system for the extruding and plastic injecting machines. The system features eight large silos that can store up to 450 tons of resins, thereby providing greater energy savings and increasing safety in the workplace.

Tramontina Multi now counts on a new supply system for the injecting machines

In addition, the new pavilion in the factory now has a water cooling system, which reduces both energy and water consumption with less evaporation losses.


From north to south


Tramontina's expansion throughout Brazil generates increasingly productive and efficient processes. Tramontina's Belém (PA) factory has recorded a 30% increase in the manufacturing of all products with its new machines, Comec MD Classic CNC, Comec Variaxx and Bacci.


At Tramontina Garibaldi (RS), ultrasound technology – very similar to that used in medicine – is now applied in the hand tools manufacturing line. New features at the Garibaldi manufacturing unit also include the Selovac and Inobag machines, which increase productivity of the packaging process, and the nationalizing of the concrete drill bits line. Everything to guarantee a high-quality final product.


New paint factory


A new paint factory in the Starflon Division at Tramontina Cutelaria (RS) was designed to optimize the manufacturing process of paints and coatings of Starflon nonstick products. In addition to raw material and chemical product stocks, the factory now has a lab for testing and developing nonstick coatings.


The production counts on an entirely digital system, automated dispensers, load cells and automated motor controlling operations, as specified by the formulations recorded in the system. Without doubt, 2020 has been a year of growth with greater productivity and sustainability in our processes.

New paint factory

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