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A beautiful transformation. Working today to transform tomorrow. At Tramontina, transformation happens every day: when raw materials are shaped into our products, waste becomes a resource and energy becomes value. In this process, environmental responsibility is the most important pillar.

Tramontina transforms


"Tramontina transforms. 

Production forests into renewable products.

Wood residues are transformed into energy. 

We harvest rainwater and transform it into treated water.

Sunlight is transformed into clean energy.

We transform families, communities, realities.

We also transform raw materials, residues, resources.

Working today to transform tomorrow."

(Tramontina Transforms Manifesto)


There are many ways to do well with sustainable processes. At the Tramontina Transforms Project, priority is given to practices such as smart systems that minimize energy and water use and emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, management of the manufacturing chain, controlling waste, reusing materials in the processes and correct waste disposal. Our company also invests in clean technologies to reduce and control the generation of solid and liquid waste and atmospheric emissions.


Outside the manufacturing unit, conservation is fundamental. Tramontina currently keeps 2,400 hectares of native forest and 2,500 hectares of permanent conservation areas (PCAs), as well as 6,200 hectares of planted areas – the so-called production forests, with a solid, renewable base, which supply the wood used in the manufacturing units. 


Sustainable practices have been a reality at Tramontina since 1990, with the Effluent Treatment Stations (ETSs). At these stations, all the water used in our processes undergoes a series of treatments so that it may be returned safely to the environment, or reused in our industrial processes and daily activities. In some factories, we are able to reuse 100% of the water, and this is the target for all units.

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Best practice


Also part of Tramontina's sustainable practices are improvements to processes and reusing materials. In 2020, the Flatware division at Tramontina Cutelaria (RS) gained a new water tank for the vibrating machines system, which polishes the pieces. This change has allowed us to reduce the volume of water used in the process by 55%.

Recycling is also a practice incorporated to Tramontina's management processes. Tramontina Sudeste periodically sends cardboard and plastic to recycling through a partnership with a specialized company.


This is how transformation happens. Practices can also transform families, communities and realities. Working today to transform tomorrow.

Recycling is a constant practice at Tramontina Sudeste

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